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CEREC® One-Visit Dentistry

CEREC Dental Crowns
Our Bellevue office uses CEREC® technology for restoration dentistry.
CEREC® has been offered by many dentists and it's proven by hundreds of researches for years. No more inconvenient impressions on a dental chair, no messy materials, and uncomfortable temporaries. CEREC® offers the very esthetics you needed in just one visit.

Normal restorative dentistry requires more than one visit to the dental office. However, with CEREC®, you can skip all the unnecessary dental visits for time-wasting temporaries and uncomfortable impressions. The perfect-fitting crown can be completed in just one visit.

Waterlase® Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Laser Dentistry
Waterlase® iPlus. Image credit: morphixdesign.com
Gum disease is caused by bacteria in periodontal pockets, deep in the gum tissue down to the tooth roots.

Previously, the only treatment option was periodontal surgery with a scalpel and sutures, cutting your gums to reach and eliminate bacteria.

Now, with the patient-friendly REPaiR Periodontal Treatment protocol using a WaterLase dental laser, we can preserve tissue and bone with a minimally invasive laser-based approach.

If you need just one tooth treated, or your entire mouth, laser technology helps us take better care of you and your oral health.


The VELscope® Vx adjunctive device is effective for the enhanced visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities. Image credit: velscope.com
The VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System centers on a handheld scope that is used by dentists to help visualize oral tissue abnormalities, including cancer and pre-cancer.

The VELscope® Vx system is an adjunctive device which means it must be used together with and as a supplement to the traditional intra and extraoral head and neck exam. Unlike other adjunctive devices used for oral examinations, the VELscope® Vx does not require any dyes or prolonged testing procedures. In fact, a VELscope® Vx exam can be performed in our Bellevue dentist's office during a routine hygiene exam in about two minutes.

VELscope® Vx technology is changing the way oral mucosal examinations take place. The VELscope® Vx handheld device emits a harmless, bright blue light which is used to inspect the mouth and tongue. The device is sensitive to abnormal tissue changes and the distinctive blue-spectrum light causes the soft tissue (oral mucosa) of the mouth to naturally fluoresce. Healthy tissues fluoresce in distinct patterns that may be visibly disrupted when tissue undergoes an abnormal change (which can occur in the oral mucosa for a multitude of reasons,) such as when associated with dysplasia or oral cancer.

Digital X-Ray

Bellevue Digital X-Ray
Digital X-Ray on Screen
We use digital x-rays, which has significant advantages over film-based radiography, including far less radiation and greater efficiency.

There is no need for processing in a darkroom. Images quickly appear on the computer monitors in our treatment rooms, and they can be instantly viewed by our doctor.

Plus digital x-rays allow the doctor to get a much better view of your teeth and potential dental conditions. The digital imaging software allows the doctor to see a number of different views of the tooth to gain a better understanding of the proper course of management.

Outstanding Care That Exceeds Your Expectations

Whether you need natural, beautiful cosmetic restorations or even just routine check-ups to maintain a healthy smile, the dental care you receive from our Bellevue office will exceed your expectations.

We'd love to see patients of all ages from kids to those in their senior years. See what our patients are saying about us.

Dr. Choi and the whole staff were great!!!!!!!!!! Would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a quick, efficient, friendly and super-knowledgeable dentist.

Tom Y. on Google

Dr Choi has been our family dentist for over 8 years and he kept our dental health in excellent condition. He is very knowledgeable in both adult and children's dentistry.

Don B. on Google

I have been going to Bellevue Westlake Dental for over 10 years. The entire staff is truly amazing. They are professional, educated, informed, personable and just really good at what they do.

Nancy P. on Google

My husband and I have been going to Bellevue Westlake Dental for many years. Dr. Choi is truly a wonderful dentist! Very knowledgeable and kind. He doesn't do a procedure unless he feels it is absolutely necessary.

Jeri B. on Google

Dr. Choi has been my dentist for the last five years. I would recommend him to anyone I know or care about if they are looking for a great, ethical, honest, caring dentist.

Kay W. on Google

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